Cristina Ramos Jaime


Cristina Ramos Jaime

Associate Lecturer

Research Fields:

Rationalization of Complex Geometries

Parametric Design and Digital Fabrication

Lightweight Space Structures

Kinetic and Deployable Structures

Transformable Responsive Systems

Shelters for Emergency Situations

Cristina Ramos’ research focuses on the design of deployable structures: lightweight space grids that can cover large spans and fold in compact bundles for an efficient transport and relocation. Its quick and easy assembly makes them ideal for rapid response installations in emergency situations.

She is an architect specialised in building structures and rationalization of complex geometries, with three years of professional experience in Europe.

Her interest in research moved her to work in the company Urbana IDR, for the development of the “Modular Deployable Shelter for Camps”, an international patented design currently in use by different NGOs. She has collaborated in several research projects at the EPP Foundation, pioneers in foldable grids; and is a member of the “Technology in Architecture Research Group” at the University of Seville (Spain), experts in transformable structures, where she’s developing her PhD dissertation.

Cristina teaches in parametric design, digital fabrication, lightweight structures, and transformable responsive systems. She has previously taught at the University of Alicante, University of Seville and The University of Sydney.