4th Annual UNSW Computational Design Conference 2020

Explore the work of UNSW Bachelor of Computational Design students who play an active role in being at the forefront of Research and Development in computation and computing for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. Topics in this year’s conference range from VR and AR explorations, robotic fabrication, optimisation and decision support to machine learning or sensor driven design. The exact nature of the research topics are informed by the industry.

UNSW CoDe would like to thank the industry partners for their involvement with the student projects: Bates Smart, BIM Consulting, COX Architecture, Crone Architects, Hassell, HDR, HowToo, Mott MacDonald, Pulse Software.

The 2020 CoDe conference was held at UNSW Red Centre Gallery on the 4th of December.


Brady Peters

Brady Peters is a Canadian designer and researcher who successfully bridges technology and design. He currently holds the position of Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto specialising in architectural acoustics, environmental simulation, computational design, and digital fabrication.

He was an Associate Partner at Foster + Partners, and a key member of the Specialist Modelling Group (SMG), where he was involved in projects using complex geometry and environmental simulation. Peters is a Director of Smartgeometry, an organization that promotes the use of computation in architecture. He has published 25 peer-reviewed papers, 5 book chapters, and edited 2 books, including Computing the Environment: Digital design tools for simulation and visualisation of sustainable architecture, WIley, (2018).


Click here to watch Brady's online keynote.

Thesis Catalogue


CONTEXTUALSING (Sensors, Real time & Urban Data)
Ebony Pritchard
(with COX Architecture)
Connecting Communities and Data: An interactive spatial decision support tool for social housing stakeholders THESIS | PRESENTATION
Emily Collins
(with PULSE Software)
Evaluating the New Normal: Applying Machine Learning to Evaluate Social Distancing Regulations in Public Spaces THESIS | PRESENTATION
Iavor Nikolaev
(with Mott MacDonald)
Lorikeet: A data driven computational decision support tool for urban greening THESIS | PRESENTATION
Danielle Bisazza
(with COX Architecture)
SIGN-BY-SIGN: Using graph theory to develop a wayfinding decision support tool for architects in early stage designt THESIS | PRESENTATION
Monica Ooi
(with Crone Architects)
Formed by Wind: Developing an optimisation workflow for apartment building geometry to satisfy pedestrian wind comfort THESIS | PRESENTATION

CALIBRATING I (Spatial Design Decision Support / Optimisation)
Mingzi (Mindy) Ye
(with COX Architecture)
Balancing sight and sound in office design: A visual and acoustic optimisation workflow for open plan offices THESIS | PRESENTATION
Billy Park
(with Crone Architects)
What’s in a view? Analysing View Quality Using 3D Isovist Ray Tracing To Inform Decision Making In A Multi-Story Residential Development THESIS | PRESENTATION
Vincent Vizzone
(with CoDe)
Spatialising code: Developing a workflow for automating fire sprinkler standards THESIS | PRESENTATION
Kurtis Watts
(with BIM Consulting)
Developing a multi-object optimisation workflow to support decision making about façade glazing THESIS | PRESENTATION
James Tan
(with HDR)
Using multi-agent based simulations for traversal optimisation in hospital environments THESIS | PRESENTATION

CONSTRUCTING (Virtual / Physical / Material)
Timothy Jing
(with Hassell)
Virtual Comfort: Using a gaming environment to communicate thermal comfort experience to support urban design decision making THESIS | PRESENTATION
Jamie Vincent
(with HowToo)
The spatiality of caring: Connecting disability services personnel to care environments through Augmented Reality THESIS | PRESENTATION
Nelson Chen
(with Bates Smart)
Improving material performance through topological optimisation in high-rise construction THESIS | PRESENTATION
Nimat Mistry
(with Bates Smart)
Developing a decision support tool for minimizing embodied carbon in early design stage façade material selection THESIS | PRESENTATION
Zack Heffernan
(with Bates Smart)
Casing the Joint: Predicting embodied carbon content in novel geometries using case-based reasoning THESIS | PRESENTATION
Xiaomin (Nayuki) Guo
(with CoDe)
Facade System: Sustainable and comfortable architecture by optimizing the Facade THESIS | PRESENTATION
Zhiwei (Jacky) Huang
(with CoDe)
Building up CLT connection guiding systems and evaluation standards with different material characteristics THESIS | PRESENTATION
Yuqi (Leo) Wu
(with CoDe)
Research on the possible technical method that could realize multi-axis CNC milling THESIS | PRESENTATION
Si Jia (Scarlet) Pei
(with CoDe)
Mobilising 3D Printing: Exploring a dynamic method to improve the efficiency of 3D clay printing through Grasshopper and a mobile base for five axis 3D printing THESIS | PRESENTATION

CALIBRATING II (Automation / BIM )
Koki Izuka
(with CoDe)
Automated floorplan optimisation for bathroom THESIS | PRESENTATION
Levin Chen
(with HDR)
Space games: Competition and collaboration in multi-agent reinforcement learning for automated apartment floor plan generation THESIS | PRESENTATION
Chennan Qi
(with CoDe)
Bathroom automation layout optimization to improve the flexibility of automation layout THESIS | PRESENTATION
Rujian (Jay) Chen
(with CoDe)
Automating Office Environments HVAC THESIS | PRESENTATION
Haotong (Hugh) Bu
(with CoDe)
Applying BIM coordinates for complex building forms and structure THESIS | PRESENTATION
Kang Ji
(with CoDe)
Rhino-to-Revit as collaboration: Evaluating alternate workflows for Rhino-to-Revit BIM data exchange THESIS | PRESENTATION
Yurong (Blair) Huang
(with COX Architecture)
Lost in Translation: Achieving semantic consistency of name identity in BIM THESIS | PRESENTATION
Zengjie (Jonathon) Cao
(with COX Architecture)
Understanding semantics: An natural-language-process-based intelligent extraction and classification engine for BIM names THESIS | PRESENTATION
Calvin Li
(with CoDe)