1st Annual UNSW Computational Design Conference 2017

The 2017 Bachelors cohort is the world’s first student group that has finished a Bachelors degree in Computational Design from start to finish. The work of the students demonstrates that UNSW’s CoDe students can play an active role in being at the forefront of Research and Development in computation and computing for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry.

75 % of all graduands were embedded in offices in Sydney thus we were able to bring interests from industry into academia and work on these issues through an academic lens. Each student was asked to document their findings in a 4-6000 word essay and present their findings in a 15 min conference-style presentation. Both the thesis and the presentation are available on this site. We would like to thank all our contributing industry partners for their input and hope that this page becomes a source of insides and knowledge on computational design.



Catherine Erzetic Enhancing User-Engagement in the Design Process through Augmented Reality Applications THESIS | PRESENTATION
Harris Paneras Augmented Reality in the Design Process THESIS | PRESENTATION
Sang Kwak Enhancing Human Communication / Interaction through Virtual Reality THESIS | PRESENTATION
Narissa Bungbrakearti HOLOSYNC: A comparative study on Mixed Reality and contemporary communication methods in a building design context THESIS | PRESENTATION
Ali Siddiqui HOLOSYNC: Exploring Discoverable Conversational Interfaces for Model State Control THESIS | PRESENTATION
Dominic Hawton Shared Immersive Environments for Parametric Model Manipulation THESIS | PRESENTATION

CALIBRATING - BIM / Decision Support

Netporn Promsri Leveraging QR Codes for the Full Life-Cycle of AEC Projects THESIS | PRESENTATION
Netmongkhon Promsri Digital Enhancement for Building Information Modelling (BIM) Clash Detection THESIS | PRESENTATION
Montanna Green In Real Life: Instantaneous Synchronisation from the Built Structure to the Building Information Model using Augmented Reality Applications THESIS | PRESENTATION
Yintian Zhang Visualising the Relationships between Design Options & Regulatory Requirements THESIS | PRESENTATION
Sarah Xaviera Developing a Workflow for Standard-Based Wing Analysis THESIS | PRESENTATION
Emily Leung REDBACK BIM: Developing ‘De-localised’ Open-source Architecture-centric Tools THESIS | PRESENTATION

CONTEXTUALISING - Sensors / Responsive Environment

Maria Sol Cutreta Project Ocelot: Measuring Physiological Responses to Colour through Virtual Reality Environments THESIS | PRESENTATION
Jonathan Wong Measuring Emotional Responses to Color in VR Experiences through Biometric Sensors THESIS | PRESENTATION
Michael Broderick A Responsive Audio and Tactile Wayfinding Method for Vision Impaired THESIS | PRESENTATION
Edward Martin Project Ocelot: Gauging Various Levels of Visual Stimulus in Virtual Reality to Better Assist with the Design Process THESIS | PRESENTATION

CONSTRUCTING II - Virtual / Physical

Chenghu Xu A Grasshopper Workflow for Joint Creation on Prototype Models THESIS | PRESENTATION
Peter Pittas Exploring Self-Repairing Materials and their Application towards Sustainable Design THESIS | PRESENTATION
Simon Giang Early Stage Collaboration Environment in AEC Industry via Web Applications THESIS | PRESENTATION
Nariddh Khean The Introspection of Deep Neural Networks within a Parametric Modelling Environment THESIS | PRESENTATION


Nazmul Khan Adjudicating by Algorithm: Scripting building regulations to generate permissible forms THESIS | PRESENTATION
Madeleine Johanson Adjudicating by Algorithm: Employing open data in a computational ecosystem to inform preliminary design stages THESIS | PRESENTATION